Fusion of fashion and function
Lift-assist jeans



How to use / Development story

Stylish design incorporating
nursing care functions

Stylish design incorporating
nursing care functions

Just pull the handles on hip.
Weight of patient is uniformly supported by strong denim like a hammock.

  • Using knee belt is recommended for
    patients who cannot strain knees.

  • Avoiding low back pain by
    principle of leverage

    By shifting the mass of caregiver,
    patient is lifted up naturally.


Smart functions merged in stylish jeans

On the one hand effective tools reduce stress of care givers in nursing care, on the other hand patients hesitate or negative to use them if the design of the tools are extraordinary.
Lift-assist jeans are comfort stylish pants merged with transfer aid function, making both patients and care givers happy.


Development story

  • Lift-assist jeans are naturally developed from two products of plus-pad jeans and LIFY.
    It was, however, not straightforward because they are made by opposite type fabrics; plus-pad jeans are made by stretch denim for comfort , but LIFT is made by robust denim or canvas.
    To resolve the contradiction, we combine two different fabrics for lift-assist jeans. Robust fabric is used only at seating part and stretch denim is used in other parts.
    The handle is unified in stylish design and Lift-assist jeans become one of our symbolic universal design products.


Cotton 63%, polyester 35%, polyethylene 2%
(Seating part: cotton 100%)

Unisex size chart (unit: cm)

Size Waist Hip Inseam
SS 68-80 98 63
S 80-90 100 65
M 84-100 105 68
L 90-108 108 68