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Reducing risk of lower back pain

Reducing risk of
lower back pain

5 Tips for avoiding low back pain in manual transfer are:

1. Avoid twist motion Large spinal muscles are easily strained with twisting motions.
2. Straighten yourself While bending in transfer, you run the risk of overstretching or tearing any of the large muscles or supporting ligaments around your spine.
3. Transfer the center of gravity You can transfer a patient only when affecting the center of gravity. The center of mass of a sitting patient as well as that of standing caregiver is near one’s solar plexus.
4. Fix the knees of a patient When the knee of the patient is unstable, the risk of a fall as well as lower back pain of the caregiver will result.
5. Use principle of leverage Like seesaws, a caregiver can use less force to lift a patent when the distance between the center of mass of a caregiver and the pivot point is longer than that of a patient.

These tips suggest that you should not transfer the patient only by muscular force of the back or arms, but by shifting the center of mass of the two.

We provide “LIFTY” that naturally incorporate the 5 tips mentioned above. A belt fixes the knee of the patient and serves as the pivot point when supported by the caregiver’s knee. By making a patient incline forward and by applying body weight of oneself backward, a caregiver can lift patient up not by muscular force but by weight balance.

LIFTY has the shape of a cushion, based on universal design concept, and so patients are willing to use in daily life, and caregivers can immediately transfer patients without stress.

01: About this tutorial series

02: The first exercise to use LIFTY

03: How to assist a care receiver

04: How to transfer a care receiver

05 Understanding of the mechanism of LIFTY and proper usage

06 Transfer method for a patient who cannot lean forward

07 How to set LIFTY on the bed


08 How to apply LIFTY to a person sitting on a chair


09 Using LIFTY for transferring to toilet by a caregiver

10 Using LIFTY for lifting from floor to bed

Hidden technologies and amazing features

Though looking simple, LIFTY is filled with technologies and amazing features.
We use latex cushion that is superior in body pressure balancing function and antibacterial property.
The brown part of the cushion is vinyl leather for preventing slipping.
Using strong denim or canvas of Withstand load is 200kg by utilizing thick denim or canvas. All fabrics are water-repellent treated.
Thick handle for preventing “trigger finger”.
Soft hook and loop fastener made by microfiber gives soft comfortable feeling.

  • Best tool for manual
    transfer without lower
    back pain

    Due to the fact that not all families can introduce expensive mechanical lifts into care at home, transferring patients manually becomes the next best alternative.
    Several manual transfer aids are available today, including Gait belts, transfer boards, and simple manual lifts. Unfortunately though, due to such products it is well known that manual transfer is one of the main causes of lower back pain in nursing care, therefore it is highly recommended to know not only how to use the tool correctly, but also to know how to use your body correctly.

    Precautions for safe handling

Comfortable items for everyone

Our products are designed based on the concept of “universal design”*. Not only introducing functions for accessibility, we design goods for “stylish”, “comfortable”, and “exciting” lifestyles.

* Universal design refers to broad-spectrum ideas meant to produce buildings, products, and environments the are inherently accessible to older people, people without disabilities, and people with disabilities.


Color your life

LIFTY is made in Kurashiki known for the mecca of Japanese jeans and high quality canvas products. Comfort lovely cushion “LIFTY” is produced by the craftsmanship for best jeans and canvas goods. We selected colors making your room brighter and happier.


Washable, water-
repellent treated canvas

treated canvas

▽click to enlarge

▽click to enlarge

Thick handle for
preventing “trigger finger”.

Thick handle
for preventing
“trigger finger”.

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Microfiber hook and
loop fastener for
quick fixing/releasing

Cotton canvas fabric,
Vinyl leather,
Latex foam,

Cotton canvas fabric,
Polyester microfiber hook and loop fastener
Plastic buckle
Cotton tape


Knee belt can be fixed on the wheel chair like a foot lest.